1 Apr
ALEXA 6k Prototype

ALEXA 6k Prototy

Yes…everybody was waiting for it now it seems it will be something we will see later this year.

ARRI will show (or preview for that matter) a 6K ARRI ALEXA at NAB this year…. finally! (see there is a 6k tag on that ALEXA Prototype right there!!!)
Now, usually I don’t post about camera news and stuff but this one is a big one and as you might now I’m kinda a fan of the “original” ALEXA and the Image quality it’s delivering.

Now do i think the “old” ALEXA is not good enough anymore? No, it still is a pretty good Camera, especially for TV Production. But for the future of Cinema it might be a good step to upgrade “a bit” ;)

Now it seems you will get a pretty good “downrez” 6K to 2K ProRes “option” with this new one that might be a good upgrade for the TV world. But 4K is coming at some point if  you are like it or not.

So here are some of the specs that are known so far:


ARRI 65mm format ALEV IV Plus CMOS with Global Shutter
6144 x 3160 rez

ProRes 4444 (only 2k?)

Frame Rates:
ARRIRAW 0.75 – 60 fps
ProRes 0.75 – 120 fps (2k)

Dynamic Range:
14+ Stops
Base EI 800, sensitivity settings from EI 200 to EI 6.400

more specs will be released at NAB.


UPDATE: look at the post date … yep it’s April 1st ;)

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2 Responses to “NAB 2014: 6K ARRI ALEXA PREVIEW”

  1. Mook Genius 01/04/2014 at 04:28 #

    Then why show a master prime that only covers S35? Nice try April Fool.


  1. One Bright Spark Claims To Have The 6K ARRI Picture & Specs… What a Fool: - 01/04/2014

    […] bright spark thinks / claims / is an April Fool with a crude ARRI 6K picture and odd specs on their […]

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