The iPad Situation Room

30 Jan

ipad & steve colbert at


Well the iPad is on everyone’s lips so on mine too:

my first thought was:  “nah, i don’t need that big ipod touch thingy …” it’s very well made, that is for sure … but in the end it’s just a big 500 bucks toy 😉


…in the last two days i was catching me more then a few times on “mmhhhmm right now an iPad would be nice…”

– client/team meeting – just to show some first designs/sketches/clips …or a lil keynote

– during render-time  checking e-mail, twitter, blogs and so on … what i’m usually doing on may iPhone or Macbook or even sometimes on the FCP MacPro itself …

– even this Blog-post i could do on an iPad… i don’t do it on my iPhone cuz it’s too small …

and in many other small “situations” too

so… do i really need the iPad ?

No i don’t … but it  WOULD be really a nice tool to use in some (or many) situations … so maybe if i have some money spare at the release day … i’ll buy it 😉

Rob Imbs and his Blog-post had some interesting thoughts … and  got me thinking about this.

…so in the end … i’ll wait and see 😉

here some links around the topic iPad:


UPDATE ( thx to FCP daily & editblog):

Nice & futuristic ideas for the Apple iPad in post-production


for Designers / content-creators:

a nice and well made iPad C4D model

a great, well made and thorough iPad GUI for Photoshop


great analysis: 55,000 tweets over four days about iPad


Why Apple chose the iPad’s screen format





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