RED EPIC @cinec Munich 2010

20 Sep

well today i have a gear only post… well i did use FCP to make this lil clip … so there you go:
it was cinec time in Munich and after i missed IBC this year and i’m not able to go to photokina that was my only chance to see at least a few fancy “toys” in action. but i did not acpect what “happened”.

i pretty much went without any real plan … i knew that there would be a bunch of cool gear to see, so no worries on that side.

so i went straight in for a first “overview-round” … and after about 5 minutes i ran into Ted form RED (you can say by accident) with a RED EPIC in plain sight. well that was nice.

… so i not only shot some random stuff with my 550D  i also had the chance to hold this thing in my hands … pretty awesome…
well it was the small config. like a big DSLR 😉 not out yet & i couldn’t (i was not able to) really record something to a CF-Card (wich will be relaced by a SSD Module / slot… but man it was a great feeling …if u ask me it was a nice weight.. not to light not too heavy… soon other people noticed the RED EPIC. i followed “EPIC” and shot some stuff not much cuz i was too curious how this thing worked and stuff … but that is what i “glued” together in FCP last night … with a lil color work done with magic Bullet Looks:

more cinec coverage soon (review & more film clips…) stay tuned!

Click Here to View The Video Titled: a day with a WORKING RED EPIC


2 Responses to “RED EPIC @cinec Munich 2010”

  1. N 27/11/2010 at 07:56 #


    Just a quick question, is Canon 550D vedio recording compatible with Final Cut Express 4.0?
    I’m not filmiliare with Final cut pro at all. However, I want to learn how to use it, and make stunning looking videos.

    BTW, I liked the above video 🙂


    • Michael 27/11/2010 at 17:25 #

      thx mate !

      well i never used Final Cut Express 4.0 but h.264 files form DSLR’s are not so good for any kind of NLE anyways (only Premiere Pro CS5 can work with them natively) u have to Transcode to another format like XDCamEX or Apple Intermediate Codec … but in the end it’s not the software that makes “stunning looking videos” … there is more to that … aside from which software ore cam or codec you are using ( just saying 😉 )

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