sound references

1 May

Well to make a long story short after todays “discussion” about the sound of trailers especially the kind of bad sound of the latest Batman Trailer here are some of the as i call them reference trailers for good sound design & sound mix. But let me talk about some of the issues I’ve heard – especially today – real quick. There are several things going on that result in a real issue in terms of sound that in the end kinda demolish the whole trailer experience (since many filmmakers say sound is 50% of a movie … well that is also true for the trailer, now isn’t it?!)  The First issue is maybe a not so good recording of an dialogue or / and not the best edit or cleaning up of that (maybe even no ADR done yet). Second issue is a some sort of bad mix. Loud Music & too much Sounds playing at the same time. And 3rd … after all that / on top of that a kind of poor encoding at the post facility but also on YouTube.

There also was a lil discussion about how stuff is viewed / listened to … like on Phones or iPads or Notebooks and whatnot… but in the end it should not matter that much, it should sound good on almost every device, shouldn’t it?
I talked a lil bit about that on that blog post a few days back.

But as i said there are some examples of really good work out there that are actually really good.  Listen to that and “extract” some “knowledge” about the sound for a film, movie or Project out of all this. All that kinda applies  not only to a mix for a big movie or an awesome trailer. So all i want to do with that is to invoke people to care more and think more about sound… that’s all:

oh and BTW that is the Batman trailer that i was talking about … really makes me kinda sad bcuz the trailer it self (pictures and stuff) really is great and so will be the movie in the end (hopefully)
but that is (kinda) just a bit embarrassing especially for a big Hollywood movie.

BTW also take a look at some of the awesome work soundworkscollection is doing with great BTS of the sound work for great movies … here are some of my favorites:

also if you want to see & hear more about sounddesign & soundpost & sound-mix & stuff
join the  “its all about audio” vimeo group


3 Responses to “sound references”

  1. Sérgio Miguel Silva 01/05/2012 at 20:36 #

    Great article! I also think most of the movie trailers look alike, same kind of editing style and annoyingly the same sound effects over and over again.

  2. karl 29/06/2012 at 14:17 #

    hi micha, in my judgement they just try to set the batman trilogy way apart from the rest and you know what? it works pretty well for me. first i wondered why i liked the trailer so much, then i realised it was the lack of bombastic soundeffects. suddenly it gets lifted beyond greatness

    • Michael 02/07/2012 at 17:05 #

      well i was not talking about the use of bombastic sound-effects … just about mixing and encoding …

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