quick post: why i like & use TASCAM DR-40

13 Jul

Just a quick post about the features I like the most on the TASCAM DR-40

Recording non stop with 48V Phantom powered Mic (Rode NTG-1) on my #Tascam DR-40 … wait for it … 4h..42min..16sec … NON STOP! … and I still have standby time and can record internal stereo mic.

A/B stereo is really nice to capture stereo nat sound fx …love it more than x/y setup. You can switch from A/B to X/Y stereo mic setup really nice and quick.

And probably the best part on the DR-40 are the rock solid XLR inputs …nothing slips out!

That’s about it. A great & solid recorder for the money. The Inputs are a bit noises maybe (really just a bit) but that is no issue if u keep your levels nice and tight and there is a good Limiter as well. I don’t really care about all there other “fancy” recording modes. It’s just nice for recording for Shotgun Mic-Recording for interviews and stuff. And of course for SoundFX (Nat-sound) recordings.

Here is a example – a clip used the Tascam DR-40 with a  Rode NTG1 to record the interviews:


4 Responses to “quick post: why i like & use TASCAM DR-40”

  1. cane 20/12/2012 at 20:10 #

    I can’y get stereo signal with one mic
    setting are rec: external 1/2 -stereo
    Can you help

    • Michael 24/01/2013 at 16:37 #

      well i think there is no option for that … also mono mic = mono signal …

  2. juanphernandez 02/03/2013 at 04:40 #

    Where you using a boom pole, on the camera, underneath? Also, how bad is the hiss really?

    • Michael 02/04/2013 at 18:53 #

      well i like to use it underneath away from the cam tho’ … the hiss is ok 😉

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