NAB 2013

26 Apr

NAB and Audio:

So sadly time did run away way too fast at NAB … again … who knew 😉

… so i had not as much time as i would liked to have spend for audio stuff but i eventually saw few things in terms of audio.

1st big thing is ProTools 11 (of course)! With all the new stuff in that update it is the most advanced audio post production software again. Its full 64bit, new awesome plugins and plugin system and Enigne, better Mixer, Bussystem, Levels and finally Offline-Bounce and so much more good stuff … ProTools is back! 😉

In terms of Audio Monitors

Sadly I did not saw or look for RCF they have some nice studio speakers i was keen to hear

But I had the chance to listen quickly to the Focal SM9 … they sounded awesome but are a bit too big and a lil expensive  even though they have smaller systems … also in the higher price range … I really like the sound tho’

But then again i still think KRK Studio-speakers are the best u can get for the money. Even though i have to say i’m getting to like the Samson Resolv A6 i use at the moment. Even tho’ i think i might upgrade to KRK’s again at some point … I just trust them a bit more 😉

And then there was the Tascam DR-60D of course …. a bit big but nice solution …. very pro but not too expensive… should be a solid audio unit for the money.

Well guess thats it for now.

Stay tuned for a Samson Recolv A6 vs. M-Audio BX5 “review”, also i quick look at some but get Podcast-Mic’s and some quick tutorials on video and sound in the next few weeks!

In the meantime … ROCK ON!


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