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some awesome commercials… they won a cammes lion

24 Sep

they are not that new but i just “found” them today and a wanted to share that find.
… watch all of them 🙂


some more info here:


20 Sep


Well its was time to refresh all that here!
So first step is a new “design” / template ….

Next step will be a bit more nre content every now and then.
I have something in terms of Color Grading and Audio-Post around the corner (so to say)
So …stay tuned!

… also u might wanna check my Quick-Post-tumblr for fresh stuff :


Desktop Backgrounds for Sound Designers

8 Apr

Well …since i want to concentrate more on sound & audio post production…here are some desktop backgrounds & stuff for sound fellows:



Surround Wallpaper for iPad

for iPad

for iPad

for iPhone

for iPhone

and if you like there are some Tee’s as well! 🙂

ROCK ON! TEE US/International version

Desktop Backgrounds for Editors

7 Apr

Well i made some desktop-backgrounds over the last few months … some of you might have seen them on my instagrams or screen shots or whatnot

… well i guess its time to share them as many of you asked for a download … here you go:

(click on them to get the 1920×1200 version… alt+click for download)

for iPhone

for iPhone

for iPhone

for iPhone

and btw with some of the stuff i made Tees and other swag … take a look (if u like)

4k NABShow T-Shirts…

27 Mar

…finally came in and the new store is online now:


… and other small updates here and there … pretty much looking forward to NAB now! 🙂

iPad for Pro’s

17 Mar


So a few weeks back I got my iPad … finally…. yes I know “The New iPad” just came out a few days back … but my network provider made a good offer on an old not so used contract, so there you go.

Anyways … since I received my iPad I have bought a lot of new apps … probably more in the last few days than in the last couple years.

Here is a short list of apps I use in a “pro” environment … some essential, some for fun, some just for content: (one little side note I’m still on SnowLeo MacOS 10.6.8…just for you to know for any compatibility questions)

( in “random” order )



A good app for quick & creative photo edits – incl. noise reduction, sharpening, vignettes… looks, presets. boarders, and more (faster than iPhoto but not as much as options) … but i really like this app to share stuff on Tumblr, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook … really nice! for 0,99 really good … u can test PhotoToaster Jr. for Free with not all the options though

shot with 60D & Sigma 30mm - edited in iPhoto for iPad


Just a really great app to view your intsagram Feed. commend on instagram’s, manage your feed/followers, like instagram’s and stuff like that. .. now i really use my iphone just for taking pictures /instagram’s and as a phone really 😉

shot with 60D & Sigma 30mm - edited in iPhoto for iPad

shot with 60D & Sigma 30mm - edited in iPhoto for iPad

shot with 60D & Sigma 30mm - edited in iPhoto for iPad


original post:


A awesome Remote Controller for LogicPro, ProTools, FCP and others.
It kinda replaces the MC Control + MCMix Combo in my Edit-Suite for the quick stuff. And the nice thing is you get a control window – like a Desktop sharing thing – so you are able to touch control your PlugIns & stuff on your iPad as well … I like that app especially in Client sessions i’ll have to test if that “control window” can be used to control ColoristaII in PPro …
due to some graphic issues that doesn’t seem to work in FCP


A great remote controller for Adobe Lightroom 3
I love that app for photo color-correction work.
it really is a nice remote with a lot of options in LR3 …
Some say it’s a bit slow but I don’t have any issues
This app is not pretty but very useful … now I hope there is an update for LR4 soon!

Adobe Nav

A nice tool if u work a lot in Photoshop CS5
I use it when I’m in “photo-retouch” mode …
it has a nice&cool remote-preview mode as well


A nice app for handwriting notes and sketches & stuffI do not use my MOLESKIN notebook anymore in team or client meetings.

It also has a neat feature to record audio…a nice way to record all that is said in a meeting

…you will never miss what a client said to you again! 😉

PDF Expert
I use this all the time. Since I tried some others (and read about these kinds of apps on ProLost)…trust me, you don’t want to use iAnnotate, ever! PDF Expert has way better Data management with Dropbox and a local IP so you can connect with it in Finder. I use it for Scripts and Treatments and all kinds of PDFs… essentially I don’t print out stuff anymore to make notes on it. I use a PDF version on my iPad …. yo! Paperless workflow baby!Oh and yes of course I use a Stylus for that … read more about it on ProLost

AirSharing (for iPad)

Just a quick & nice way to get stuff like m4v clips or documents on your iPad.
Not essential but a nice to have.


Vimeo v2 is a really good app. Its great to check vimeo stuff out with


The best app to be up to date on all your social media “streams”, news & tech and so much other stuff. Basically, its the first app I check in the morning or after i finished my work at night!


Just awesome and worth the lil money. I use it to save stuff / web-sides / blogposts (and so on) that I stumbled up on during the day to read later off-line at home or when on the train. …stuff like that


That is a useful app. Mr. iGert recommended it and its just great.
Basically you can stream movie clips from your Mac (you can setup/link any Folder on your Mac for that).
So I use the app for two things: to show clients or actors clips in our office if i need a quick way for that or I watch stuff at home (in bed) There is a Free Version so u can test it.

I used Wunderlist (Task Manager) on my iPhone and Mac before Apple had a “task-list-app”

… actually i like Wunderlist more than Apples approach … it has a nice and solid cloud sync option and an nice MacOs Version

A really really good App for Twitter on the iPad… enough said 🙂

A nice and free way to remote access your computer from your iPad.

It’s nice to check your render status and other stuff via WiFi or 3G … its a bit slow but does the job

So there you go that is my first “iPad Apps for Pro’s” list!

I’m not so sure about the “usefulness” (or in other words I’m not so impressed … yet) with the following apps. I would suggest you test these for yourself and make your own decision. They may get better with some updates or if a job/ task requires them…

iPhoto, AVID Studio, iMovie, KeyPadPlus, Shotlist, Pages, Keynote,

Other apps i use from time to time:

500px Stacker

PS Express


MovieSlate or the quicker to open DSLR Slate




Reblog Lite

… thats it for now some updates & more stuff soon (…. i guess … hopfully)

TV Shows for Editors! (only?)

9 Jan


Well recently i got in a argument with my colleagues about whether the TV show “Damages” is a good one or not at all… well i leave that question open for now…

So yes i’m pretty much into US TV shows … a great inspiration / distraction / FCP7 render time filler!
People who know me know that 😉 Sometimes i watch just bcuz of great cinematography (not so much bcuz of story or acting) sometimes the other way around. Sometimes just for fun / entertainment. But mostly bcuz of great characters.

So here is pretty much my list of  “awesomeness” (random order)

Great TV Shows:

Breaking Bad
Modern Family
The Good Wife
TopGear BBC
Big BangTheory
Last Man Standing

Good TV Shows: 

The Mentalist
The Glades
Nurs Jackie
Awake (not quite sure yet in a way)


marvellous UK TV Show (i might add as well)


Old great shows:

Boston Leagal
…and more 😉

still to catch up on / didn’t watch yet:
Burn Notice
The Wire
Sherlock Holmes (BBC)
Game of Thrones 

So now the question is what are YOUR favorite show(s) or/and what should i start to watch and why (please leave a commend – would i appreciate it) AND does “Damages” fit in my list / or should it fit? 😉

P.S. you even can “smash” some of the shows on / from my list … i don’t mind … THANKS 🙂

new design

24 May

well… it was about time to re-new / refresh my blog design a bit … add some new stuff, check out my links & stuff on the end (below).

i also made a more specialized 550D blog … well its more like a quick collection page for all 550D related stuff i found or made … u name it.
even though it will be not as much detailed as this blog is (kinda). You’ll find 550D & HD-DSLR Suff on this page too. so stay tuned & thx for stopping by:

my new “special” 550D Blog:

i did it … i bought a Canon 550D (T2i)

25 Feb


yes it’s true i got caught up in the whole 550D / HD-DSLR thing!

in the end i have to say Nino Leitner’s (i’v met him over twitter) in-depth blog post did it for me … as well as his nice test-shot-clip on vimeo.
of curse there are some more great clip online (on vimeo – some links below)

even though i’m in germany, so i have to wait about 14 days till my new Canon 550D will be delivered… i’m excited as hell yet already, though
basically i bought a rather “basic” set, in the first place just to get started with HD-DSLR stuff:

– Canon 550D

– Canon Kit Lens EF-S 18-55mm

– Canon 50 mm 1.8 II (thx for recommendation to Brian DeFrees and his vimeo clip)

– Light Craft Workshop Fader ND Filter ( ND2 to ND400) 52mm
(thx to Mario Feil for recommendation)
nice review by Markus Haken

– 1x 8 GB  SDHC Class 6

– USB Card-Reader

– 2x 16GB SDHC Class 6

– a DSLR bag

– Manfrotto Monopod
(recommendation by  Mario Feil “… quite useful & fast”)

– extra battery for Canon 550D (LP-E8)


– Pentax-A 50mm f/2.0 prime lens

– Revue Special 35mm f2.8 M42 prime lens

– Revue 28-200mm f/4,0 M42 zoom lens

see a full gear list

you might have a look on this, it’s about another battery option
way more affordable clone battery’s for 550D and T2i:

Canon T2i / 550D battery showdown – original vs. fake

550D/T2i knock-off battery test with surprises


T2i / 550D knock-off battery grip review
Part 4: Essential DSLR accessories

Epic DSLR Viewfinder Review
Part 5: Essential DSLR accessories



spider brace shoulder support ( great, useful and cheap )
(hint & recommendation by  Tej Babra & his 7D)

Manfrotto Video Tripod with Fluid Head (503)

indiSLIDERmini ( or Glidetrack

more extra batteries for Canon 550D (LP-E8)


Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM

Sigma 24-70 mm EX DG 2.8 or Tamron AF 17-50mm F/2.8 SP XR Di II VC
or Sigma 70-200 f2.8

damn! … so many options …






Part 3: A MYSTERY resolved: DEPTH OF FIELD and ND filters


that’s it for now … i will use a regular sachter  tripod as we use it for XH-A1

so what next … well i have to wait and have a try as soon as this cam is in my hands … hopefully soon, as i have a lot of regular shootings and projects coming up in the next couple of weeks / moths, which all planed to shoot on XH-A1, HVX200 or better … so this 550D will be more a B-Cam and “landscape-cam” … it will come to use in situations/ shots where the 50mm /1.8 lens is needed / useful / nice.

and all my free-time will be used for some kind of fun-shooting as well (of course)

so we will see… how this thing can fit in, back here 🙂 … oh and btw this 550D just used up my iPad/toy budget for this year… but that is ok 😉

some useful links:


Whats in you Bag (great lens recommendations)


550D FAQ:

Canon T2i Compared to Canon 7D: First Thoughts + First Look

First thoughts on Rebel T2i/ 550D
+ Unscientific T2i tests shots includes timelapse.

Video ISO Comparison:  Canon EOS Rebel T2i vs. Canon EOS 7D

…thoughts on the T2i


some 550D / T2i vimeo clips (selection):

7D vs. T2i Comparison Video

My HDSLR setup

550D T2i Camera Test

Canon t2i 550d footage

I LOVE this Camera. Canon t2i / 550D

Canon 550D “Firefighters” T2i Test

Short silly movie Train (Shot by T2i)


The Bridge – An Encounter

UPDATE 02/28/10:

Pacifica Blue

Canon T2i / 550D Test Footage

T2i Slow-Mo Test

UPDATE 03/01/10:

550D/Rebel t2i clip: Sundance Square at Night (this is a nice one)

February in Pasadena, Canon T2i/550D

Lullwater Park

… and more to come … tomorrow i guess

The iPad Situation Room

30 Jan

ipad & steve colbert at


Well the iPad is on everyone’s lips so on mine too:

my first thought was:  “nah, i don’t need that big ipod touch thingy …” it’s very well made, that is for sure … but in the end it’s just a big 500 bucks toy 😉


…in the last two days i was catching me more then a few times on “mmhhhmm right now an iPad would be nice…”

– client/team meeting – just to show some first designs/sketches/clips …or a lil keynote

– during render-time  checking e-mail, twitter, blogs and so on … what i’m usually doing on may iPhone or Macbook or even sometimes on the FCP MacPro itself …

– even this Blog-post i could do on an iPad… i don’t do it on my iPhone cuz it’s too small …

and in many other small “situations” too

so… do i really need the iPad ?

No i don’t … but it  WOULD be really a nice tool to use in some (or many) situations … so maybe if i have some money spare at the release day … i’ll buy it 😉

Rob Imbs and his Blog-post had some interesting thoughts … and  got me thinking about this.

…so in the end … i’ll wait and see 😉

here some links around the topic iPad:


UPDATE ( thx to FCP daily & editblog):

Nice & futuristic ideas for the Apple iPad in post-production


for Designers / content-creators:

a nice and well made iPad C4D model

a great, well made and thorough iPad GUI for Photoshop


great analysis: 55,000 tweets over four days about iPad


Why Apple chose the iPad’s screen format