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CONS SPACE 002 BLN … 1st clips

24 Jan

So a while back I was shooting for RED TOWER FILM a Documentary about a Converse Project called CONS SPACE 002 BLN.

It was located at a old abandoned factory in Berlin that was revived again by skaters and lots and lost of art. There is a full length Docu (70min or so) in the making and there well be a Teaser released soon.
For now there are two 1st clips online about Art and Music…. All shot on Canon C300, 60D, 7D and GoPro. Edit by a colleague and me in Premere Pro CC on OSX  on a Late2013 iMac and 2009 MacPro.

…more updates soon

first vimeo hint’s in 2010!

12 Jan

well it’s been a while since the last vimeo’ing (as i call it )
but i have a job too, u know 😉 … anyway
two nice hint’s, you have to watch:

at first

nice web-add (kinda web game- intro) for adidas made
by a swedish add-agency
great sound design, 3D work and compositing



glidecam 2000 HD – skater – clip
our DP loves it … shot with 7D and 5DmkII
with canon 16-35mm f/2.8  &  sigma 50mm f/1.4


how the hell i got into HDDSLR’s ?!

23 Dec

i was just finishing my Philip Bloom blog-post-“adulation” … as i reconsidered: “actually …how the hell i got into video dslr’s ?!”
… well it was October 2009, i just got on vimeo & twitter and in kinda coincidence i got a hint on a webside called canonfilmmakers

this was my fist peek / notice on the 7D:

this is Jon Connor holding his (at this time) new Canon 7D – package in his hand(s)…
this is literally the fist impression i got on Jon & the 7D … fist thought … besides “boy, he has to shave” 😉 …“why is he so excited ?”

…well i read his “Canon 7D: My First Impressions” and as he is always surrounded by cristina valdivieso i ended up – a few days later or so – on the vimeo page Canon 7D Field Test:

my comment on that: “stunning !!! a stills cam !!!”
… well i heard of some video-shooting going on with still-cameras… just hadn’t seen footage till this point in time (at least not that i was aware of)

so after that in invested some research time and at some point i got to Philip Bloom …
and there you go …

since that i had some serious discussions with my co-workers/co-founders and our DP and local filmmakers … about to use a canon-dslr for some of our next projects (as i mentioned before) and certainly i watched a lot of cool Video-DSLR stuff since then …

so i got excited too 😉

so now (after x-mas) i’ll have to find a rental-house to do some actual test-shootings with our DP … to see who this works for us and how this can fit into the budgets … and so on.
now i guess i have to thank cristina, jon and philip for opening my mind a bit 😉
so … thanks a lot guys!

some final thoughts, tho’:
in the end actually it’s not that important what camera we use … i still like the footage that comes out of the XH-A1, which we use all the time lately. it is the story/concept/idea you have / want to tell … it is the right voice … a great music / sound…the talent of the DP “behind” the camera … the whole package –  so to say … that matters the most

… but i also have to say again: the footage you can get out of this DSLR’s is really great !

you want to shoot Video with a DSLR ?…

22 Dec

… you have to watch this: Philip Bloom – a well experienced filmmaker – did some astonishing work / tests with the canon video-DSLR’s and did some serious blogging about it…
this is just mind-blowing. we’ll have quite “some” corporate film and viral stuff coming up in 2010 and we definitely considering using V-DSLR’s

philip and his stuff helped us quite a lot making this decision …
just to see and read how this works is great … so check this:

Canon 5DmkII and Canon 7D on Skywalker Ranch

philip’s blog-post about that

Low-light-testing of a pre-production Canon 1DMKIV in Prague

philip’s blog-post about that

watch this… !!!

4 Nov

Ok “as usual” two vimeo links you have to follow !!

cool Stop Motion by Carlos Lascano  -> http://www.vimeo.com/877053

cool 7D footage / film by Philip Bloom -> http://www.vimeo.com/7412515