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FinalCutPro8 or PremiereProCS6 as some call it

15 Mar

So folks, with todays Vimeo-Post from the Editing-Crew at Conan some might say we finally will get the FCP8 we all want …desperately.


Some say (THAT POST SHOW) that we will finally see PPro CS6 at NAB this year with lost of cool stuff and (a bit) more FCP feel to it (i’ll be there…for that).

Now, we all should not make the (same) mistake some did last year with FCPX – getting too excited too quickly – but it sure looks promising!
Fact is there are not that much options left … FCP7 will get really “old school” at some point … FCPX still is pretty much a toy app (even with “all” these updates) … and AVID MC6 sure is an awesome & solid NLE but it’s really made mostly for that: Online/Offline for TV & Movies (thats why Hollywood loves it … i guess) there is no AfterEffects or Motion and stuff like that… even through its an awesome Application (don’t get me wrong!)

…so in the end the only real FCP7 replacement is / might be PremierePro.

Well we should wait and we shall see.

On a side note: I actually just started a real work project in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 … yes i know i did test that app several times and i said “it doesn’t work well on our machines” but now with the latest Blackmagic Design drivers it finally runs kinda smoothly even with 1080p25 ProRes footage … well not finished yet … but it’s looking good 😉

so anyway … as for now …


First sneak peek FinalCutPro 8

1 Apr

UPDATE: just got more infos … more updates tomorrow

UPDATE 2 : Video shows how some stuff in FCP 8 works (right at the end of this post)

UPDATE 3: more new facts and a new video (right at the end of this post)


UPDATE 4: now that is a real one! (for real) … (6th of April)

“Rumors are flying that Apple will be using the Vegas Supermeet to announce the next version of Final Cut Pro.”

… So that would be April 12th … (Tuesday)
more infos: provideocoalition.com


UPDATE 5: now that is another real one! (for real) … (6th of April)

FCPUGNetwork: “The Final Cut Pro User Group Network is excited to have a very special guest presentation at the 10th Annual Las Vegas FCPUG SuperMeet. Come to see a surprise sneak peek at something very special – you really do not want to miss this one!”


Well … after months and months of speculation and waiting today the curtain did drop, at least a lil bit.
Some first screenshots and feature-details “leaked” into the Video-Editing-World:

I’ve got the info yesterday, but was in the edit-suite all day … so i had no time to “look into” that. And there was an NDA till this morning 12:01am anyways 😉

Well what can i say it seems like some fears getting reality.
The interface looks very familiar. First big change: it will be a more mouse editing oriented  NLE-App … one more step into iOS direction i guess.

Good thing though: FCP8 will be more integrated with Motion & Co. Not just templates & “send/link to” in a drop down menu. How far this integration goes is not specified publicly yet.It will be an App Store only app … you can buy all FinalCutStudio Apps standalone or in one package – pricing will be Announced. Apple will have a Special Event one week after NAB on 19th of April.

Some first Screenshots:

Key-Features are:

– 64 bit App

– Background Rendering

– GPU acceleration

– can use up to 64 GB Ram and all CPUs avalible

– native H.246 and R3D support including RED EPIC / HDRx and many other codecs

– new Title tools

– Quicktime Pro 11 / AV Foundation with OS X Lion

– 3D editing mode

– ProResLT, ProRes 422, ProResHQ 422 ProRes 4444, all 12bit YUV only

– Blu-ray, CNN iReporter,  Vimeo, MySpace support

– Single Screen / Window App

– new Edit mode’s (called “Freehand” and “Magic-Mind””)

Thats it … many more infos to come soon …

So is all that a good thing? … well … as Apple claims: the new FCP will be for the mainstream of Apple’s customer base…



so here is a lil screen capture to show how some new stuff works in FCP 8 🙂



new Video  –  Larry Jordan answers questions. (LINK)

Oh and one new Fact: it’s all an April Fool … sorry 😉

…but c’mon:

– H.246 ??

– Quicktime Pro 11 ??

– 12bit YUV only ???

– Blu-ray & MySpace support ???

– Single Screen / Window App ???

– new Edit mode’s (called “Freehand” and “Magic-Mind””) ???

… we still have to wait and see wat will come this or next year … for now i like FCP 7 🙂