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FinalCutPro8 or PremiereProCS6 as some call it

15 Mar

So folks, with todays Vimeo-Post from the Editing-Crew at Conan some might say we finally will get the FCP8 we all want …desperately.


Some say (THAT POST SHOW) that we will finally see PPro CS6 at NAB this year with lost of cool stuff and (a bit) more FCP feel to it (i’ll be there…for that).

Now, we all should not make the (same) mistake some did last year with FCPX – getting too excited too quickly – but it sure looks promising!
Fact is there are not that much options left … FCP7 will get really “old school” at some point … FCPX still is pretty much a toy app (even with “all” these updates) … and AVID MC6 sure is an awesome & solid NLE but it’s really made mostly for that: Online/Offline for TV & Movies (thats why Hollywood loves it … i guess) there is no AfterEffects or Motion and stuff like that… even through its an awesome Application (don’t get me wrong!)

…so in the end the only real FCP7 replacement is / might be PremierePro.

Well we should wait and we shall see.

On a side note: I actually just started a real work project in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 … yes i know i did test that app several times and i said “it doesn’t work well on our machines” but now with the latest Blackmagic Design drivers it finally runs kinda smoothly even with 1080p25 ProRes footage … well not finished yet … but it’s looking good 😉

so anyway … as for now …



FCP EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 update v1.2

26 Apr

fcp.co:  Canon post latest 1.2 update of EOS Movie Plug-in-E1 for Final Cut Pro

“Go to download page for EOS MOVIE Plugin-E1 for Final Cut Pro Ver1.2
Select OSX from the “Choose Operating System” menu in the middle of the page and the disk image should be third in the list.”

Step 1:

Step 2:

download & install … done! … i will test it today!

it works just fine with FCP 7.0.3 on Mac OS 10.6.7 … even with files not in the EOS_DIGITAL folder! 

more infos: provideocoalition.com

Keep FCP healthy

24 Oct


Well back in the days (in April 2010) Mario Feil asked on twitter how do keep FCP from crashing (from time to time it does that)
well a lot of tweeps answered … and now after a while using these hint’s i can re-post them with a clear conscience … guess what, they really work 😉


as well as these answers (might be repetitions):

from @TejBabra:

I always keep only 1 sequence open in the timeline. Especially with multiple cuts. I also like to keep media VERY organized!

FCP dose not like to have multiple seq. Opened…especially if you are cutting several projects at once.

from @RJWeditor

I came across that problem assisting last year. I ultimately had to break the 90min Doc special into 8 different project files

Also, FCP gets a little clunky with project files larger than 100MB.

Yes, I nested the locked & colored segments into one “assembly” sequence and watched it down.

7 different segments, 1 project file just dedicated to assembling the show

It was a very large Documentary series for PBS.

from @WillRamirez

it helps to turn off audio waveforms on seq’s ur not working on.

from @NateOrloff

I try separating my proj files as much as possible.,

I use #fcp files like I use Bins in Avid. Don’t try to put it all in 1 proj file like u wouldn’t do that to 1 bin

I keep dailies in 1, current cut in it’s own (only if the proj is really complicated), and old cuts in another

fcp project files should never go above 100MB. That’s my rule-of-thumb. Any bigger than that and I separate it.


So thats that … you FCP should work more stable using this “rules” … I also noticed that sometimes Motion projects in the  Timeline can crash FCP … so i export a Quicktime ProRes file in MOTION and use these instead.
There are also some issues with files coming from mixed sources like Firewire or USB drives. Another  issue are pictures in CMYK, more the 96 dpi and 3k resolution…

So there you go … some nice lil tricks to keep your FCP working nice & properly

oh one more thing … some say to “save as” FCP projects (new filename) not only it can save your ass if something gets wrong with you project … doing that FCP “cleans” the file up  in a way so that can help get your project file  “healthy” as well

if you have another trick plz let me know 🙂

RED EPIC @cinec Munich 2010

20 Sep

well today i have a gear only post… well i did use FCP to make this lil clip … so there you go:
it was cinec time in Munich and after i missed IBC this year and i’m not able to go to photokina that was my only chance to see at least a few fancy “toys” in action. but i did not acpect what “happened”.

i pretty much went without any real plan … i knew that there would be a bunch of cool gear to see, so no worries on that side.

so i went straight in for a first “overview-round” … and after about 5 minutes i ran into Ted form RED (you can say by accident) with a RED EPIC in plain sight. well that was nice.

… so i not only shot some random stuff with my 550D  i also had the chance to hold this thing in my hands … pretty awesome…
well it was the small config. like a big DSLR 😉 not out yet & i couldn’t (i was not able to) really record something to a CF-Card (wich will be relaced by a SSD Module / slot… but man it was a great feeling …if u ask me it was a nice weight.. not to light not too heavy… soon other people noticed the RED EPIC. i followed “EPIC” and shot some stuff not much cuz i was too curious how this thing worked and stuff … but that is what i “glued” together in FCP last night … with a lil color work done with magic Bullet Looks:

more cinec coverage soon (review & more film clips…) stay tuned!

Click Here to View The Video Titled: a day with a WORKING RED EPIC

BBC’s switch to Premiere (Adobe loyalists, get your throwing stones ready) (via The Final Rewrite)

10 Sep

man that is bad news for FCP & Apple, isn’t it?

This is quite shocking to me: http://ke-we.net/398I know I haven’t been in the post-production realm as long as others have but this is a huge deal, correct? I’m going to be frank here and probably piss-off a lot of Adobe loyalists, but I’ve never taken Premiere seriously. I’ve always considered it a joke. While I was a freshman in film school (2005) and one of the students was complaining about Avid being confusing, my Editing 101 professor … Read More

via The Final Rewrite

my comment on that:

well i’m a FCP user and i felt / and still feel (a bit) the same way about premiere pro … i know in the end its just another system & workflow and “just” another way doing things … but i tried Premiere CS5 and i don’t fell comfortable with that app ( no Pro feeling for me) … yes you can open up DSLR, RED and HDV footage right away and you can play it even with some fx on it … but they (fx / plugins ar not the same as you can find in FCP … (quality and quantity) … and well maybe is did something wrong but the export took a lot longer as i’m use to in FCP … a lot … (there goes the time advantage (a lil bit) … and many other “lil” things like interface and keyframes and keyboard-layouts ….

so Premiere certainly has a lot to offer but honestly we have no time – with your workload and “well oiled” FCP workflow (we know what we get & deliver for our clients) – to change that workflow “just” for 64bit and a “playback engine” even we have the whole CS5 pack (for AE and stuff) … its easier for me to go in our AVID room 😉

just saying

btw thanks Nate for that blogpost

HD to SD DVD – a “secret” Workflow

8 Jun

Well … most of us have the same problem, whilst shooting HD we still deliver most of the time for / on DVD … so what about our “secret” workflow to make a good looking DVD for a client….

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