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FinalCutPro8 or PremiereProCS6 as some call it

15 Mar

So folks, with todays Vimeo-Post from the Editing-Crew at Conan some might say we finally will get the FCP8 we all want …desperately.


Some say (THAT POST SHOW) that we will finally see PPro CS6 at NAB this year with lost of cool stuff and (a bit) more FCP feel to it (i’ll be there…for that).

Now, we all should not make the (same) mistake some did last year with FCPX – getting too excited too quickly – but it sure looks promising!
Fact is there are not that much options left … FCP7 will get really “old school” at some point … FCPX still is pretty much a toy app (even with “all” these updates) … and AVID MC6 sure is an awesome & solid NLE but it’s really made mostly for that: Online/Offline for TV & Movies (thats why Hollywood loves it … i guess) there is no AfterEffects or Motion and stuff like that… even through its an awesome Application (don’t get me wrong!)

…so in the end the only real FCP7 replacement is / might be PremierePro.

Well we should wait and we shall see.

On a side note: I actually just started a real work project in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 … yes i know i did test that app several times and i said “it doesn’t work well on our machines” but now with the latest Blackmagic Design drivers it finally runs kinda smoothly even with 1080p25 ProRes footage … well not finished yet … but it’s looking good 😉

so anyway … as for now …



So FCPX, huh?

25 Jun

sorry folks too much info & input about FCPX the last few days! … i hope it clears up a lil over the next few days! 😉
my fist lil i conclusion after one+ day: FCPX will be a great app with some updates! 

i only have two big issues so far: no way to connect my external LCD screen via my HDMI card and the color correction tools are cheap – we need 3rd party plugin support – like MagicBulletLooks & Colorista II asap!!!! (RedGaint Software already announced that they are on it and there will be an free FCPX update)

anyway feel free to join FCPX group on Facebook

one of the best blog posts so far:

meanwhile i’ll work with FCPX the next few days/weeks and will let you know what my take on it is as soon as i get some experience with it!

UPDATE:  nice set of FCPX tutorials … constantly updating!
check it out: http://library.creativecow.net/tutorials/finalcutprox

Oh and if you are serious about getting to know FCPX go and buy the Ripple Training for FCPX for 40 bucks – its worth the money. you don’t lean how to edit, though  😉 (no training dvd can do that) … but you learn how FCPX works 🙂

And a “shockingly true” post form Larry Jordan!


i have a FCPX tutorial links section now … and will cover some workflows & stuff by myself as well.
first off FCPX Data Management


a very nice FCP7 vs. FCPX blog post:
Thoughts On FCP X by Alex Lindsay





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