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HD to SD DVD – a “secret” Workflow

8 Jun

Well … most of us have the same problem, whilst shooting HD we still deliver most of the time for / on DVD … so what about our “secret” workflow to make a good looking DVD for a client….

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MPEG Streamclip HD to SD settings (teaser)

12 Dec

well i promised to post some settings & stuff about the HD Workflow i got
back here in FCP 7 for HDV footage …

Here i have my  MPEG Streamclip setting for you …
this ist the most important part …

so i exported a Quicktime Movie in FCP7
(ProResLT since HDV has low Bitrate)
i did the size change from HD to SD within MPEG Streamclip.

so that is the screen capture for PAL (sorry german UI as well)
make sure when u work in NTCS to choose the  correct Size and Frame rate …
then this QuickTime (ProResLT) file goes
to Compressor for mpeg2-DVD encoding …

and thats it … more coming soon