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german HD-DSLR workshop

7 Jun


If you are new to the whole DSLR filmmaking or even if you have just began to think about using one of these nice “lil” tools to make your “idea in motion” become reality AND you are from Germany or german speaking in some kind,  you should check this workshop by Sebastian Wiegärtner. He recently shot BTS & some other stuff side by side with Philip Bloom and Nino Leitner on a LUCAS FILM SET, all was done with DSLR’s

Philip Bloom, Sebastian Wiegärtner, Nino Leitner and producer Rick McCallum.

… He did also more  & all sorts of things with these cams … you should check his blog for more information about his HD-DSLR Workshop & background about him.

Maybe – after that – you’ll join the “German speaking DSLR gang” …


my 550D Settings

9 May

Well there are some other post’s out there … this is nothing new … at least if you are not a 550D newbie 😉

The most important settings (beside shutter speed >>> 180 degree rule) is picture style … it’s crucial to flatten your image so you have some “space” in post to style your look after shooting.

There are two  kind of flat-settings-flawors known and recommendable: one by Philip Bloom and another by Vincent Laforet … well i tried both … and in my workflow / opinion Philip’s got the most usable as his is the most flatten style.
Vincent’s setting is a bit too contrasty especially in low light and indoor situations (in my opinion)  … anyway both settings are workable.

So anyway i got asked several times now to “share” my 550D settings…

so here you go:

here you can see my “550D screens” of my “must set” settings:

that is how my “live view” screen looks like with my 50mm 1.8 (w/ Fader ND)
for PAL LAND 25fps shuttter is set to 1/50th – ISO 100-400 are quite OK … more than ISO 1600 not recommendable

BTW sometimes ISO is called ASA that is the “same” thing as it was called back in the Film days … (rating of  film stock sensitivity)

make sure you set your style to “Neutral” instead of “Standard”
… that will be a difference

you should check if “exposure” is set to “manual”
… BTW: if i don’t need any sound i deactivate it

Some say “highlight tone priority” can help in certain situations … some others say it leads to a “more” noisy picture
well i didn’t use that mode at all yet. so i don’t like more “encroachments” than necessary  so i leave it alone (disabled)

Anyway, you should check Philip Bloom’s tutorial DVD’s for 5D & 7D … as he has some more great information about DSLR shooting & post as well as ProLost by Stu Maschwitz
and a really great Workshop at creativelive.com by Vincent Laforet about HDDSLR Cinema

This was shot with this settings and graded with Magic Bullet Looks: