first short video about that “issue”:

by far not the best solution and by far not the best “tutorial” … sorry for that 😉 … just getting started with all that … hang in there it will get better (not this time though) … he he … take this as an first step into a posible workarround to work on a project on two machines … as i said – not the best – but maybe u see another solution or get “inspired” for you workflow with FCPX 🙂

so the cool thing (about that) would be if we could share an event lib. and maybe even the project folder on an XSAN ( fast network storage )

what is your take on media / project management in FCPX ? … for a moment i did think that this “solution” in that “hint-clip” (sorry a bit long) isa nice thing … not so sure anymore after i played with that idea…oh and a “network-storage-solution” is really missing in / for FCPX …. that would make that lil hint maybe useful … maybe 😉 … oh and watch out for curtain transitions 😉


i bought the ripple training for FCPX! … used it to get to know FCPX and used it in this clip to show u how my “project-data-management-transfer” goes along … I DID NOT leak those images prior to the FCPX release … i got the training stuff days after the release of FCPX

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