Keep FCP healthy

Well back in the days (in April 2010) Mario Feil asked on twitter how do keep FCP from crashing (from time to time it does that)
well a lot of tweeps answered … and now after a while using these hint’s i can re-post them with a clear conscience … guess what, they really work 😉


as well as these answers (might be repetitions):

from @TejBabra:

I always keep only 1 sequence open in the timeline. Especially with multiple cuts. I also like to keep media VERY organized!

FCP dose not like to have multiple seq. Opened…especially if you are cutting several projects at once.

from @RJWeditor

I came across that problem assisting last year. I ultimately had to break the 90min Doc special into 8 different project files

Also, FCP gets a little clunky with project files larger than 100MB.

Yes, I nested the locked & colored segments into one “assembly” sequence and watched it down.

7 different segments, 1 project file just dedicated to assembling the show

It was a very large Documentary series for PBS.

from @WillRamirez

it helps to turn off audio waveforms on seq’s ur not working on.

from @NateOrloff

I try separating my proj files as much as possible.,

I use #fcp files like I use Bins in Avid. Don’t try to put it all in 1 proj file like u wouldn’t do that to 1 bin

I keep dailies in 1, current cut in it’s own (only if the proj is really complicated), and old cuts in another

fcp project files should never go above 100MB. That’s my rule-of-thumb. Any bigger than that and I separate it.


So thats that … your FCP should work more stable using this “rules” … I also noticed that sometimes Motion projects in the  Timeline can crash FCP … so i export a Quicktime ProRes files in MOTION and use these instead.
There are also some issues with files coming from mixed sources like Firewire or USB drives. Another  issue are pictures in CMYK, more the 96 dpi and 3k resolution…

So there you go … some nice lil tricks to keep your FCP working nice & properly

oh one more thing … some say to “save as” FCP projects (new filename) not only it can save your ass if something gets wrong with your project … by doing that “save as thingy” FCP “cleans” the file up  in a way so that can help get your project file  “healthy” as well

if you have another trick plz let me know 🙂

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