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6 Sep


So I wanted to “field-test” the new Camera Cage for my Sony a7s and also do some more slog2 “overexposing” tests. With that “task” in mind i came a across a local Skateboard-Contest-Event (Bring Da Truckaz 2014), so i thought, well why not just test some 720p 100fps as well. Here is the result.

All slog2 (settings below) and a mix of 720p100, 1080p50 and some 1080p25 all in a 1080p25 Project (PremierePro CC 2014) mostly all like +1.0 or +2.0 “overexposed” (so to be more specific: between 1 or 2 stops EV based on the camera’s spot meter) like it was suggested by David Carstens (

Lenses used: Canon 24-105mm F4 (with the Commlite EF/NEX adapter), WalimexPro/Samyang 14mm T3.1 Cine FE

Color Grading was a basic layer of Colorista II to get exposure and contrast a lil bit more “natural” looking, then i used Film Convert with the ALEXA LogC source settings, film stock is Fuji Film 8543 Vivid (Film Color 50%, Curve 50%, Grain 10%) and a finally a lil bit of MagicBulletLooks for some vignetting and a bit more pop. I did add some 20-25% of sharpening as well.
Thanks to Ed David for the hint/inspiration for the slog2 and the basic FilmConvet settings:
Slog2 PicPro from Kholi –
Black Level: 0
Gamma Slog: 2
Black Gamma > Range: Middle , Level: -3
Knee > Mode: Auto , Auto Set > Max Point: 95 , Sensitivity: Mid
Colore Mode: Pro
Saturation: +8
Color Phase -2
Color Depth > R+1, G-1, B+2„ C-2, M-1, Y-3
Detail > Level, -5 Adjust > Mode; Manual, V/H Balance: -2, B/W Balance Type3, Limit: 0, Crispening:0, hi_light Detail: 0
White balance > Manual > Grid setting B 1 (one to the left)


Stay With Me (Prince Fox Remix)

Three Six Mafia – Twerk (JSTJR Bootleg)

Poldoore – In Your Head – In Your Head

Poldoore – That Game You’re Playing

VYVCH – On and on

QUESTION: 1.78:1 vs. 2.39:1 …what do you like?

15 May

this my latest project i shot and edited / color graded…

here is the thing well i can’t decide what version works better…the normal 16:9 / 1.78:1

or the 2.39:1 version…

let me know what u think:

16:9 / 1.78:1




UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback here, on twitter, facebook, LiftGammaGain Forum … seems like the 2.39:1 version is the winner … even the basketball girls like it more … 😉

PostDontStopDay (Desktop-Backgrounds and whatnot)

5 Dec


well here are some new desktop backgrounds … click on the pictures to get the full rez version
( its optimzsed for a 27″  but also works on any other 1920×1080 screen 😉 )


PostDontStop desktop background – 2560×1440


PostDontStop desktop background – 2560×1440


PostDontStop desktop background – 2560×1440


PostDontStop desktop background – 2560×1440


PostDontStop desktop background – 2560×1440


PostDontStop iPad lock screen


iPad Screen Background

So since the great fellows from PostChat had the great idea of having a #PostDontStop Day
here is some nice stuff  in celebration to win for you guys:

5th december

here are the infos about how u can win this and other cool stuff:

or go the the shop and buy one  …or other stuff:

some awesome commercials… they won a cammes lion

24 Sep

they are not that new but i just “found” them today and a wanted to share that find.
… watch all of them 🙂


some more info here:

Desktop Backgrounds for Sound Designers

8 Apr

Well …since i want to concentrate more on sound & audio post production…here are some desktop backgrounds & stuff for sound fellows:



Surround Wallpaper for iPad

for iPad

for iPad

for iPhone

for iPhone

and if you like there are some Tee’s as well! 🙂

ROCK ON! TEE US/International version