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15 Feb

…wow i’t been a long time. Just randomly “found” my WordPress Page/Blog again.
(while re-activating my profile)

Last post was January 2015 … over 4 years ago.

Do People still blog and does anybody still follow along those things?



Review: Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM

5 Jun

This is a quick review of the new Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM with some “random” test footage I shot on my way to a client-meeting. Overall a pretty impressive Lens (especially for the Money) on a APS-C sensor like the CANON EOS 70D but also the Canon C100 since the Autofocus really work quite nice and super silent as well. It seem Canon had video shooting in mind by crating that lens.

Its sharp and has a nice overall look, there are no noticeable real nasty unsharp edges or corners like the Canon 10-22mm or the Tamron 10-24mm. The non-constant aperture is not really a big issue it seems, the iris works kinda smoothly. The lens just is not made for low light … thats all 😉 Zoom-range is OK, I liked the Tamron 10-24mm for the 24mm but its nothing that i really miss on a super wider angle lens.

– makes optically nice & sharp pictures
– great wide-angle look
– great & silent Auto-focus works smooth in Video-mode
– good Images stabilizer (IS)
– good close focus range … almost macro feel to it
– works good for taking stills
– good price (around 270 EUR in Germany and $299 in the US)

– manual focus ring is small and has no hard stops or markings on it so its a bit hard to manually focus
– non-constant aperture
– built quality is not the best / its not exactly weather sealed
– does not come with a Lens Hood

But thats it … it might not work as good on non auto focus cams and is not as super cinematic as a wide open Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 but then again the Canon EF-S 10-18mm is a pretty nice lens for the money after all.

It also is pretty great for taking stills:

Canon EF-S 10-18mm _ 09

more info on the STM Focus “thing”:

more info about the Lens:

your 3 favourite movies 2013?

30 Dec

So another year comes to an end…and a new one ist just about to start. Lots of exciting stuff happened … but even more awesome stuff will in 2014 😉

Now one questions I have for you guys is: what are your 3 favourite movies you’ve watched in 2013? 
It would be great if you let me know in the comments … maybe even tell why you liked the movie…

Thanks! …and have a great 2014! 

P.S. I might even try to publish a few more blogpost around here if I can 😉  

NAB 2013

26 Apr

NAB and Audio:

So sadly time did run away way too fast at NAB … again … who knew 😉

… so i had not as much time as i would liked to have spend for audio stuff but i eventually saw few things in terms of audio.

1st big thing is ProTools 11 (of course)! With all the new stuff in that update it is the most advanced audio post production software again. Its full 64bit, new awesome plugins and plugin system and Enigne, better Mixer, Bussystem, Levels and finally Offline-Bounce and so much more good stuff … ProTools is back! 😉

In terms of Audio Monitors

Sadly I did not saw or look for RCF they have some nice studio speakers i was keen to hear

But I had the chance to listen quickly to the Focal SM9 … they sounded awesome but are a bit too big and a lil expensive  even though they have smaller systems … also in the higher price range … I really like the sound tho’

But then again i still think KRK Studio-speakers are the best u can get for the money. Even though i have to say i’m getting to like the Samson Resolv A6 i use at the moment. Even tho’ i think i might upgrade to KRK’s again at some point … I just trust them a bit more 😉

And then there was the Tascam DR-60D of course …. a bit big but nice solution …. very pro but not too expensive… should be a solid audio unit for the money.

Well guess thats it for now.

Stay tuned for a Samson Recolv A6 vs. M-Audio BX5 “review”, also i quick look at some but get Podcast-Mic’s and some quick tutorials on video and sound in the next few weeks!

In the meantime … ROCK ON!

4k T-Shirt for NAB 2012

23 Mar

Well…i will wear that one all week in Vegas 😉  … what about you? 🙂

German Store
International / US Store

Editing 101 – a car chase

15 Feb

his tutorial is all done in FCPX 10.0.3 (Trial) on MacOS LION 10.7.3


here some of basics:

– work on the sound even for the 1st rough edit

– continuity is essential

– get the best actors performance

– talk with & understand/ know the directors needs

– show your edit to a fellow editor
(or any other person who comes along) 4 eyes can see more than 2

– some nice b-roll cut-aways can help to create some tension

– read your titels careful (twice or more) so you don’t miss any typos
(yes i put in one just to show u how easy these can be missed)

– re-shoot if needed

– spend some time for the Color-Grade & Sound-mix …
even it might just be a lil difference in the end it counts

– get a BMW next time

– hold the button down 10 seconds

now go and edit stuff!

QuickUpdate: FinalCutProX

13 Apr

The news is huge, still lots of questions though:

Tape-Capture? Filters? Titling? Color? Motion? DVD studio pro? Scopes? … and so on… we have to wait & see … i guess 😉

A roundup of the FCPX by

Here we are nearly a week after the Final Cut Pro X sneak preview by EDITBLOG on PVC

Apple dropped the ball… by

The “Future” of editing  by

and more coming at:

how do YOU lern to use FCP?

7 Feb

Well there are many ways to lern how to use FCP … is youtube realy the best way ?… a friend …who will not mentioned by name “found” this  … this might open your eyes what FCP really is capable of :

BTW to learn to use FCP is not the same as to know how to edits a nice piece of film / video / movie  – however you would call it … just saying!

some updates

25 Aug

well long time no post … due to a lot of work has to be done.
so here some lil updates:

export settings for vimeo

(you can find it in the “Workflow” section)

Grading with Colorista II  (teaser)

(you can find this in the “Grading” section)

i also did add the “its all about audio” post in the “gear” section

my new friend arrived :)

4 Nov

thats my new friend:

magic mouse

some test-results later