550D recording time

After a question on twitter from Jared Abrams (http://www.cinema5d.com/news/) “how long in live view are you getting per battery” i honestly has to say i had no real idea cuz during a shoot i did not really recognize or stop the time.

so… i did a lil test. i set up my 550D and shot a random “scene”

i shot at 1080p25, ISO 400, 1/50th with a 35mm f/2.8, LCD brightness one step up (brighter), i used a fresh charged original Canon LP-E8 Battery and got 1h 51min out of it … almost 2 of my 16GB SD Cards.

As a marginal note: got a overheat warning after around 1h 45min.

BTW: i was able to record 3x 12min and 1x 9 min – which makes 45min – on one 16 GB Card.

FCP log & Transfer E1plugin

originally posted on my 550D USER’S BLOG

A great and more deeper look into what “comes out” of one battery you can find on nino leitners blog:
Canon T2i / 550D battery showdown – original vs. fake – UPDATED: battery grip

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